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However, she married Joey's lookalike, got some awful plastic surgery, and became a porno woman.What she did to her boobs is nowhere near as bad as what she has done to her face. The graphic images from her films appear right away in a simple search.Mary Jo Buttafuoco is a woman who was grossly misjudged seventeen years ago when her seemingly blissful suburban existence was interrupted by the bullet of a .25-caliber pistol delivered by a then teenage Amy Fisher.In an instant Mary Jo’s life became one of agonizing pain, confusion and fear.

She also had low self esteem and daddy issues, so she was an easy target for a sleazeball like Joey.

As a result, Fisher spent seven years in prison, and spawned countless bad made-for-tv movies.

Buttafuoco and Mary Jo later divorced, and he remarried, and Fisher, after doing time, also married, and had two children.

Amy would take in her own Dodge Daytona for minor cosmetic work after several accidents so she could see the married father, and together they began an 18-month affair.

Then, on May 19th, 1992, Amy went to her lover's home near the Biltmore Shore Beach Club.

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Infamous Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher and Joey "Zooba's" Buttafuoco really are a romance for the record books.