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They look hostile, but that’s just their designer sunglasses and a Balkan bitch shield.

Get behind that and you’ll find the locals girls are really open and sweet.

aspired to create a ‘Greater Bulgaria’, encompassing all of ancient Macedonia, up to the Greek port city of Salonika.

In the nineteen-nineties, disagreements of what constitutes Macedonia (territorially and ethnically) led to disputes between Greece (which sees itself as the heir of a purely Greek Macedonia) and the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia (called FYROM by its acronym, because of Greece’s objections to use of the name by these Slavic ‘interlopers’).

THEY ARE SEX SYMBOLS OF FORMER YUGOSLAVIA: They were in the scenes men rewind to see again, even today (PHOTO) (VIDEO) Public found out about Martina Dimoska, also known as Marta Devilish, coming from Kicevo in the west Macedonia, for the first time two years ago with attractive photos as an alternative photo-model, and she became famous last year, when she invented last year, with the team of students, young scientists, “smart shoes” which can be used to recharge your phone.

– It is actually a footpad for shoes which generate electric energy which can be stored and kept in batteries.

While creating “smart shoes” we used special piezoelectric material which produces energy with every pressure on it.

That means that energy created can be stored in batteries and it can be used to charge different devices, explains Martina Dimoska.

The main reason for this was the fragmented distribution of the different ethnicities in the Balkans, and after centuries of Ottoman dominance, the absence of well-established borders between them.

Online game is limited, purely because of the small population of the country.

In truth, Budva is probably not the best place to get your flag, unless you commit your self to day game, picking up waitresses, shop girls etc.

THE WORST moment in Ziba's life occurred when a dozen drunken Serbian militiamen stormed into the school gymnasium in which she and more than 100 other young Muslim women were being held along with their infant children.

'They came in with guns and grenades and they screamed at us,' Ziba's friend Emira recalls. Then they took me out and put me with the other women who had been brought back from the rooms.

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