Error updating locale 7941

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Error updating locale 7941

Combined Network Locales include network locales for all countries that are supported.

A network locale covers the specific localization needs of a country, these include telephone dial and ringing tones and those that are required by a gateway to generate local tones on the network (whether it is for IP networks or Time Division Multiplexing networks on the Public Switched Telephone Network) and network annunciators that are played via a gateway.

If the Cisco Unified IP phone is currently running firmware earlier than 6.0(2) on and you want to upgrade to 8.x(x), you must first install an intervening 7.0(x) load to prevent upgrade failure.

Cisco recommends using the most recent 7.0(3) load as the intervening load to avoid lengthy upgrade times.

This article explains how to reset your Cisco 7945, 79 IP phone to factory defaults, and how to upgrade the firmware to the latest available version.

(examples here)If the above methods did not work then you’ll likely have to try something more drastic.This 7970 had no display, and the only thing that it did was flash the line lights in sequence.The fix for this particular phone was to grab the oldest firmware available on and provide that do the phone.Does your Cisco handset not boot, or have some other unexplained issue?You can do a factory reset and see if that helps (this is usually the last step in troubleshooting before the trash can).

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This means that it is necessary to have Call Manager or Call Manager Express setup so that the IP phone will be able to receive the new information (phone application and configuration) after the reset procedure is complete, because it is likely the IP phone will not be usable until this information is loaded.

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