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Redhead online dating

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This thread caught my eye,mostly because I have had several redheaded men in my life.

We drilled down even further to look at hair color patterns in cities.

Peep it below: Looks like we can kiss that whole “California surfer” stereotype goodbye. We applaud Los Angeles for showing bald men the most love, but we strongly suggest those Golden State dwellers invest in a lot of sunscreen (Ouch!

While we wouldn’t advise grabbing the next flame-haired person who walks past you on the street, we would urge you to consider dating a redhead.

"Hot for Ginger" sounds like the title of some disgusting daywalker porn, doesn't it?

” We’re all looking for companionship, or we wouldn’t be here. I know I touched on natural selection in my last post, but I do think it’s true. If you aren’t attracting anyone, maybe it’s time to take an honest look at yourself to find out why.

It’s one of our favourite days of the year – Kiss a Ginger Day!

The girl I previously dated was a red head and she is beautiful. So her hair colour doesn't have anything to do with it. Just make sure you have the right attitude with it, because a good attitude surely helps also. As a former redhead who once married a redhead, I'd say the stereotypes are about as accurate as most.(They're not). He's suave, attractive (even at 82), and has had women all over him all his life. The ladies fell all over him even when it still was flaming red. Another flaming red head, married to a gorgeous Russian woman who he met while he was living there (he's an international consultant).

Redheads appear to be a dying breed, with red-haired women coming it at number three and red-haired men rounding out the list at number seven.

Less shockingly, grey-haired women fared the worst (since men often prefer to match with younger women online) and were 25% less likely to make a match.

him: what are you doing (*he did NOT have a topic!! If you put yourself honestly out there, hopefully people will respond in kind. As much as I believe in being honest, there’s also something to be said for a little bit of mystery in a person. For the love of Pete, we don’t need to see it all over your profile! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen profiles in which the guy says, “I’m so lonely.” That is a sure way of NOT getting a reply.

Also that he thought he thought he was going to find love chatting up strangers in rooms with boring conversations like that. But it’s the same thing in the real world every day, isnt’ it? As for what to put in the profile, I can’t help you there. If you ARE just looking for a “a good woman to settle down with,” and that’s your goal, say that.

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Its not quite as funny as the season opener but its damn funny still. " buncher" lol Dennis loses his shyte as usual when the girls don't respond how he wants.