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According to Common Sense Media, 22 percent of teen girls and 20 percent of teen boys have sent nude or semi-nude photos of themselves.Thirty-eight percent say exchanging sexy content makes dating or "hooking up" with others more likely.Bundle A: Hawaii Premiere Bundle The Hawaii Premiere Bundle features a selection of our newest and most popular CLE courses.This bundle provides 3 CLE units, including 1 Legal Ethics hour.NEWTOWN--A number of high schools across Connecticut have been dealing with sexting scandals.In Newtown, police and administrators are dealing with a case involving three students arrested and 20 others in trouble for sending videos and images and even selling them.As social media continues to grow, children are becoming more tech savvy, and have created their own online language.

In Avon, scandal broke at Avon High school last spring over inappropriate cell phone photos.

All courses are available on-demand as streaming videos or can be downloaded as audio or video versions so you can earn your credits from anywhere.

Any course in this bundle can be exchanged with an alternate course of equal value at no additional cost.

It could be a 10-year registration and all the ramifications that run with being considered a sexual offender.” Patrice Mc Carthy, with the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education, is well aware of sexting going on in schools.

She says recent research is eye-opening, proving something needs to be done.

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Lincolnshire currently has a number of teams available with information on keeping children safe online in the county.

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