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In November 2016 London mayor Sadiq Khan called for Volkswagen to pay £2.5m to cover Congestion Charge payments not paid by drivers of affected vehicles in the capital.

The so-called Dieselgate crisis affected 11 million cars worldwide, including 1,189,906 in the UK - many of them owned by company car drivers.

Volkswagen, the world’s biggest car maker, was rocked by scandal in September 2015 when it emerged that it had systematically cheated emissions tests for much of the past decade.I know it seems cool and several IM clients provide a feature like this, but is it really necessary?Do your friends really care what music you’re listening to?By servicing your car regularly at a Volkswagen Service Centre, you will extend the life of your car, save money in the long run and also improve your car’s overall performance because servicing is the best form of preventative maintenance.With Volkswagen Genuine Service, peace of mind comes standard.

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Managing Your i Pod Before we can start using an i Pod with Amarok, let’s make it’s the default player to manage your i Pod.

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  1. Special web cams (static, interactive and panoramic 360) directly installed on the ski resorts, from the Alpe di Lusia to the Belvedere in Canazei, transmit real time images of the Val di Fassa, of the slopes, of the snow conditions (during winter) and of the weather in the different resorts of the valley.