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Posted by / 01-Feb-2016 04:08

So Ive tried the usual hardware testing( memory,harddrive, windows 7..etc) and last resort is updated Bios.

I have the orginal F4 version and would like to update to F9 version, Loaded the newest bios on a flash drive and went through Q-flash.

As far as I know, I may flash the BIOS with a USB stick. In the "How To" are only common instructions which don't help me a lot.

Short for "basic input and output system," the BIOS is the main program on your computer and it needs updating now and then to ensure that your machine functions correctly.

I know my flash drive works but how do i get it to show up?

If the computer manufacturer releases an updated BIOS, you'll need to flash the BIOS on your PC to update it.

One of the most common ways to update -- or "flash" -- the BIOS is to use a standard USB flash drive. Download the update for your BIOS from the manufacturer's website.

So I am somehow forced to buy "an original Lenovo-Drive" to make a BIOS update??

Hi guys, I have got a laptop HP Pro Book 4320s, which laptop doesn't already contain any HP's factory partition (I removed them:-) Now, I saw, that a newer BIOS is published (F.0D) and I would like to update it.

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Plug the thumb drive into a USB port of the target computer.